The first page I’ve written on this site is about Python and the reason is that my goal is to approach people to the world of programming. On this site you’ll find many documents in which Python is inspected deeply and you can also find better pages about this item anyway this is my personal collection of reason to involve python in our work. 

Working out which programming languages to learn can be a thankless task. Arguments rage as to which language is king and which ones are flawed. No definitive answer exists as to which among them is “best,” although there are good reasons to learn Python.

Whether you’re a beginner or a Python veteran, here are several reasons why Python is the programming language of the future.
Here you’ll discover 7 reasons that you’ve to know:

  1. Python Is Popular

  2.  Big Name Companies Use Python

  3.  Machine Learning With Python

  4.  Python Is Well Supported

  5.  Python Is the Language of Education

  6. Python Is Free!

  7. Python is easy to start.

The last one is really important in my opinion because students or beginner can approach this language and know that they need only 2 or 3 hours to start writing their own program. My experience with students at my Department is that they need more satisfaction from their studies and this can be reached realizing their personal project or idea.

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