Compylers team

We’ve met @ Università degli Studi Roma TRE and our passion for programming and playing games was the reason to keep in touch. We’ve started to collaborate 2 years ago and during this time our different fields of work have suggested us the idea that a language “easy” like python but used in the right way could solve a lot of things.So we started to work together on some idea and developed a chance to share between us some hint about what we can do.

So we’ve organized two different series of lessons concerning Python language

  1. for beginners where no previous knowledge is required,
  2. medium level where we start to introduce concepts like machine learning.
The idea from start was how to be compliant with the newest language techniques. So Python was really the best choice cause it’s easy to learn and we know that programming is test our ideas and write some code. So from the beginning people can test some challenge about a programming project. Of course we’d like to remember that Python is the most common language at the moment cause of data-science.
Hope that you’ll enjoy to participate in our lessons and keep in touch with us for any information you need about Python.