What you need to download to create a suitable environment for Python@Roma TRE 2020 lessons

You cand find here software that you need to follow our lessons:

  1. Teams for video-lessons;
  2. Virtual machine for advanced programming in Python (all details are in section below) or Google Colab
  3. and materials from this website that we’ll add before each lesson.
  4. TIp:: we recommend to use chrome browser.

More details about the Virtual Machine

The virtual machine image has Ubuntu Linux Desktop 16.04 LTS 64-bit pre-installed with the following machine learning tools:

  • Python 3.5

Note: This is a desktop VM meant for educational purposes, not a VM meant for use on a server. Due to licensing and installation complications, there’s no GPU acceleration / CUDA support provided. So you don’t need an Nvidia GPU to try this out, but it also won’t take advantage of a GPU if you have one.

How to download and run the Deep Learning VM in 3 simple steps:

  1. Download the 7.7GB VM .tar.gz file (hosted on a fast connection thanks to the fine people at CYDNE!). Uncompress the file when it’s complete. A VM for VirtualBox is also available, but the performance in VirtualBox can be pretty bad. So don’t the VirtualBox version unless you don’t have any other choice.


    1. The username is ‘deeplearning’ and the password is ‘deeplearning’. You might want to change the password after you log in.

References for the Virtual Machine